Private Chef & Fine Food Events


Private Chef Services

Private Chef Services & Intimate Events

A private chef works in your home, office, or work site creating personalized meals for you and your family, your clients, or important members in your contacts.  Yam & Bean offers private chef services  for  single occasions, temporary residencies, and for permanent regular schedules.  Private chef services can also include personal shopping and kitchen outfitting.  Inquiries for private chef services may contact us by email with 'private chef' in the subject line.  

Vacation Rentals & Retreats

Curate your next vacation rental or retreat with a private chef from Yam & Bean.  This will allow time for you and your companions to optimize your vacation or retreat without the hassle of shopping and cooking.  Contact us by email with 'retreat' in the subject line.  

Personal Culinary Training & Consultation

Chef David is a veteran community educator with experience teaching a wide range of learners from diverse backgrounds.  With personal culinary training, David can help you and your family achieve health goals, learn techniques for better cooking, and develop confidence in positive lifestyle change.  Contact Chef David directly by email with the subject 'training & consultation' in the subject.