Private Chef & Fine Food Events




Communal Plates & Snacks

·      Rustic guacamole with fresh Serrano chili & cilantro pesto

·      Fava bean paste (seasonal): blanched fava beans, olive oil, salt, garlic, spices, & handmade crostini

·      Mixed crudité: a selection of fresh & grilled seasonal vegetables served with dill or smoked chili crème fraiche

·      Warm hand-pressed corn tortillas with cumin black bean paste

·      Raw Jicama “frites” with lime juice, cumin, & cayenne-salt

·      Kale chips & wasabi peas with brewers yeast

·      Fresh hummus with lemon oil, sumac, local olive medley & salted cucumber ribbons

·      Aged cheddar & 1000 day-old gouda with seasonal fruit

·      Guajillo roasted yam slices with olive tapenade & fresh cilantro

·      Baked chili & garlic yam slices with feta white bean dip

·      El Salchichero charcuterie plate with toasted nuts, dried fruits, mustards & flash pickles

·      Fresh white bean hummus: made with lemon, unfiltered olive oil, tahini, garlic, & ground sumac



·      Vietnamese style lemon-beef salad with Serrano chili, green cabbage, cilantro, mint & green onion

·      Lettuce wrapped pilaf rolls with cinnamon, almonds & currants

·      Fava bean salad with faro, cherry tomatoes, feta & mint dressing

·      Shaved roasted summer squash, parmesan, basil ribbons, balsamic glaze

·      Summer tomato salad, with unfiltered olive oil, fresh thyme, fleur de salt, cracked pepper & crème fraiche

·      Local baby greens & seeds with lemon-dill vinaigrette, shaved asiago & grilled crudité

·      Himalayan potato salad with cumin, curry spices, peas, mint, & pickled onion

·      Shaved fennel salad: w/ mint, red onion, dandelion leaf, & sweet orange vinaigrette

·      Roasted beet salad: w/ pumpkin seed, arugula, chives, sheep's feta & honey-citrus reduction

·      Fresh live tabouleh:  Sprouted grains, parsley, onion, cumber, lemon juice, lemon zest, olive oil, sea salt

·      Tarragon potato salad: Fresh tarragon, crushed red grapes, bacon, purple, red, & yellow potatoes, red-onion, black pepper & citrus vinaigrette

·      Roasted squash salad: w/ roasted pumpkin seed, ricotta salata, arugula, green onion, bacon & balsamic reduction

·      Smoked seafood salad: smoked sardines & kippers, red onion, caper, lemon zest, parsley & olive oil over baby arugula

·      Warm Salad of local kales with roasted tomatoes & garlic with toasted sunflower seeds

·      Fresh mixed herb salad with pistachio & orange oil dressing

·      Mixed baby lettuces with fresh strawberries, chive blossoms, & balsamic vinaigrette


Proteins & savory dishes

·      California sardine crisps with caper, parsley leaf, lemon zest & local olive oil

·      Braised carnitas plate with lime, cilantro, queso fresco, & warm companion sourdough

·      Broiled skirt steak skewers with sesame glaze, chili-oil, & cilantro leaves

·      Chicken, Lamb or Beef kofta (meatballs) served with curry tomato dip and cilantro & lemon yogurt sauce

·      Broiled chicken wings with local honey-lemon & rosemary glaze.

·      Sumac roast chicken pieces served with minted yogurt & pomegranate seeds  

·      Curry roast chicken skewers with cucumber raita

·      Wine-braised free-range chicken thighs with rosemary sea salt

·      Nutty blue polenta: polenta with blue cheese, pine-nuts, garlic, parsley & olive oil

·      Gallo pinto with shredded chicken, cilantro leaves & toasted cumin

·      Sumac rubbed lamb steaks with parsley butter

·      Grilled asparagus spears with lemon beurre blanc

·      Honey roasted baby carrots with orange zest



·      Roasted yams: w/cilantro leaves, pickled jalapenos & onions, avocado, & ginger mayo

·      Prosciutto: w/shaved red onion, fig jam, arugula, & basil mayo

·      Bacon: w/ boiled egg, spinach, ricotta salata

·      Sardine Salad: w/ capers, red onion, lemon zest & parsley

·      Olive: w/ olive tapenade, basil ribbons, arugula, chevre

·      Avocado: w/basil, red onion, chevre & cayenne mayo

·      Brie: w/ orange marmalade & basil leaves


Sweet additions

·      Greek style yogurt with crushed pistachio, rose water, & sweetened mint puree’. Served with fresh Companion granola

·      Pan-fried summer peaches with basil ribbons & balsamic sauce

·      Seasonal Cookies Platter

·      Seasonal Fruit and Cheese Selection

·      Lemon and mint granita

·      Spiced affogato with basil and cardamom

·      Vegan chocolate crème pie with cookie crust